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Prevention comes before protection. And if prevention fails, we are here to protect or guard. That’s what our products do & how our philosophy works- preventing your skin, hair, and body from possible threats and doing the best we can to reverse the damages caused by age, lifestyle, and pollution. All we rely on is science, not myths, not trends. Our approach is purely scientific with proven results.

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“Our tradition is medical, and so is our future – secure and promising. We formulate products based on science and not trends. All our products employ high-quality ingredients which nurture skin from the inside because we believe true transformation begins from within.”

Kosmoderma Research Centre strives hard to formulate skin, hair, and body care products suited best for Indian skin types. Instead of stuffing shelves with products addressing a single purpose or concern, our researchers develop unique products that cover multiple interests for our customers. In turn, this helps to narrow your search for the products that work for you.

The minimal number of products delivering maximum desirable results – that’s the motto of our research team.

Kosmoderma researchers trade torrents of time envisaging and formulating each product. The founder and celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Chytra V Anand, is keen on employing natural ingredients of the highest grade to nurture skin, hair, and body from within in each formulation. We tackle skin problems holistically and drive value to each customer who buys Kosmoderma products by delivering results above expectations.

About Us - Kosmoderma Research Centre - KRC Bangalore
Our Founder
About Dr. Chytra V Anand

Graduated from the renowned St.Johns Institute of Dermatology in London and Fellow of Miller School of Medicine, Miami, USA – Dr. Chytra dedicated her life towards contributing to the development of the Medical Aesthetics Industry. She introduced fractional lasers for acne scar rejuvenation, non-surgical thread lift procedures, Medi-Facials, and PhotoFacials in India for the first time.

Dr. Chytra is one among the very few bigwigs in the dermatology industry who continue to trade torrents of time for addressing Indian skin’s unique concerns. Her venture to address desi skin concerns is holistic. So are the products she formulates. Rejuvenating and maintaining skin health is the primary objective. No other renowned personality had ever known the pain points of the Indian population ever than Dr. Chytra. She is keen on the quality, and each unit undergoes rigorous testing procedures before market launch. Customers and customer satisfaction at first and then comes the rest is Dr. Chytra’s gospel – Kosmoderma Research Centre’s motto.

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