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A 'normal' skin type is neither too oily nor too dry. It's the most common skin tone and is well-balanced overall. Most young people have normal skin compared to older people. But, the condition of skin can change over time as it's affected by various internal and external factors, including age, genetics, gender, ethnicity, diet, emotions and lifestyle. Skin appears normal, clear and smooth with a uniform tone. It feels neither tight nor greasy, and is soft & supple when touched. Another characteristic is having good elasticity, moisture levels and barrier function. The benefits of having normal skin are:

Balanced production of oil- Normal skin feels even and balanced because of a proper balance of water and oil. It can just carry out its intended function as a barrier, eliminator, regenerator, and absorber.

Almost Invisible Pores- In normal skin, your skin pores don't appear to be very huge and are hardly noticeable.

Very Little Sensitivity- New skin care components or products have no side- effect on you. Your complexion looks more even and flawless.

As a person with normal skin, you can worry less about your sensitive skin and focus on the basics. Think of your skin-care routine for normal skin as consisting of four main steps:

Cleansing - wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning or at night

Toning - use a toner to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup

Moisturising or hydrating cream to maintain water levels in the skin

Sunscreen - for skin protection from harmful UV rays

Skin Care products for normal skin include the Kosmoderma Hydra Boost Gel that contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, DL Panthenol and vitamin E. It soothes the skin by boosting collagen production. The gel also helps in holding moisture in the cell and makes the skin feel refreshed. Kosmoderma Photo Protect Sunscreen is used for normal skin types. It consists of SPF 40 PA +++ that provides protection from UVA/ UVB rays and also from blue light. The sunscreen also contains vitamin C that allows skin time to heal and repair. The gel forms a protective layer on the skin that stays for a long duration of time. Normal skin care products also include Kosmoderma C- Brite Vitamin C Serum that contains ferulic acid and ascorbic acid. They are powerful antioxidants that help in skin brightening and also protects the skin from harmful UV radiation of the sun. The serum provides overall rejuvenation and repairs the skin. Sodium hyaluronate keeps the skin hydrating and fights the skin of ageing.

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