Dermatologist-formulated Skin & Hair Care Solutions

Our tradition is medical, and so is our future – secure and promising. We formulate products based on science and not trends. All our products employ high-quality ingredients which nurture skin from the inside because we believe true transformation begins from within.

Benefits of Hairgen Capsules Enhanced blood circulation and nourish hair…
Kosmo cleaner thoroughly cleans, hydrates, and protects your skin. Developed…
Photo Protect Spf 40 PA+++ with UVA/UVB protection & Blue…
Suitable for all skin types, Kosmoderma's Vitamin C Serum harnesses…
Capsules are specifically formulated for Indian skin tone to improve…
Suitable for all skin types, Kosmoderma's Vitamin C Serum harnesses…
This awesome combo is all you need for your perfect…
Kosmoderma Hair Care Combo
Explore top-selling skincare combo-packs for targeted plumping, retexturizing, toning, brightening, and many more.
Advanced Skin Care
An effective skincare regime maintains and improves skin health, and our skin range helps you get the most out of yours. Kosmoderma skincare range protects your healthy skin, corrects present skin concerns, and prevents your skin from future damages. Each product contains natural ingredients and formulations that stand the test of time.
Best Hair care & Skin Care Products Kosmoderma
Customized Hair Care
Addresses hair loss and premature greying with effective hair care regimes that focus on regaining your hair strength. Our time-tested formulations penetrate deep into the scalp and hair follicle base, correcting damages from roots to tips. Our products leverage potent, high-grade natural ingredients backed by science.
Vitamin C serum for acne Kosmoerma
For Individual Concerns
Explore extensive products recommended by expert dermatologists and trichologists to address your specific skin/hair concerns. Product range our growing clients rely over and over again upon best results.
Curated for Indian Skin & Hair
Curated for Indian Skin & Hair
Dermatologist formulated Solutions
Dermatologist formulated
Dermatologist Clinically tested Products
Clinically tested
Cruelty Free Products
Cruelty Free
20+ years dermatology Skin & Hair Care Solutions experience
20+ years dermatology experience
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