HairGen Serum for Hair Regrowth & Frizz Control

caffeine hair serum
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Reduce hair fall, tame frizz & make hair shine


  • Kosmoderma hair grow serum tames frizz by making your dull hair shiny and glossy
  • Hair serum detangles the hair knots and makes it easier to comb
  • Improves the texture of your hair, making it more defined and enhanced
  • Serum’s protective coating protects your hair from heat damages during styling
  • Protects against humid climate by repairing the damage
  • Helps restore life, volume and density to your hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Free from silicone and other nasty toxins
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Country of origin – India

Manufacturer – Esthetic Insights Pvt Ltd

Manufactured Address – At Plot No.16/A,IDA,4th Phase,Jeedimetla Hyderabad,Telangana-500055

Marketed by – Kosmoderma

Marketed Address – 67/2 Lavelle road,Bangalore,Karnataka-560001

Kosmoderma HairGen Serum

A unique hair regrowth serum formula with biomimetic peptides and ceramides that strengthens and nourishes your hair. Kosmoderma HairGen Serum comes with an active formula that protects your hair from breaking and thinning. This hair serum not only stimulates hair growth, but also protects your hair from environmental damages. Our fast hair growth serum contains natural ingredients like sugar cane extract, lemon fruit extract, green tea extract, caffeine, olive oil, and betaine improves overall texture of hair and fights dandruff. Vitamin E and peptides help in controlling frizz and smoothen the rough ends.
Active Ingredient Caffeine: Reduce dryness and split ends making hair shiny and lustrous. Protects the hair from heat or chemical damage. Promotes hair growth straight from the root. Caffeine in the hair regrow serum targets DHT ( hormone causing hair loss) and speeds up the hair growth cycle. Also increases the length and thickness of hair within a few weeks of usage.
Peptides:Improve size of hair follicles and increase blood flow through the scalp. Nourishes and hydrates the scalp making hair healthy. Peptides in the hair serum improves the overall growth cycle of hair. Prevents breakage and makes your hair thicker. Peptides as an ingredient in hair serum regrowth helps in fighting the inflammation that occurs in the scalp.

Sugar Cane Extract: Has high moisture content which makes hair look lucious. Nourishes the scalp, thereby preventing scalp dryness. Sugar cane juice in serum for hair growth smoothes hair to reduce frizz and add shine to it.
Natural Ingredients Green Tea Extract: Makes hair grow and helps to fight conditions like male/female pattern baldness or alopecia. Stimulates hair growth and helps to increase blood circulation in hair follicles. Green tea extract in the hair serum also helps in reducing DHT hormone in an individual. Green tea is a polyphenol that works well for hair growth.

Olive Oil: Loaded with hair strengthening and has rejuvenating properties. Due to the high amount of fatty acids it provides deep conditioning that softens and moisturises dry hair free from dandruff. Olive oil in hair serum makes your hair strong and prevents split ends.


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Hair serum for hair regrowth stimulates the follicles of hair and makes it grow from the roots. The ingredients in the serum help to boost your hair cycle and make your hair grow 3X faster.

Take 3-4 drops on your hand and apply it gently on wet hairs. Rub hands together and distribute it evenly along the length of your hair. Leave it on.

Hair serum for regrowth is a liquid composition that is aimed at making your hair more manageable, creating a shield of protection around hair strands, and making it smoother. The active ingredients in the hair serum also aids in preventing hair loss and enhances the general health of hair from within.

Hair regrowth serum is a unique formulation that helps control frizz and smoothen the rough ends. It provides shine and improves the overall texture of your hair.

There are no immediate side effects that can be seen. Using hair growth serum with low quality ingredients can make your hair brittle. Sometimes chemicals present in the serum may also prove to be harmful in the long run for some individuals. It is recommended to not use it on the scalp as it can cause inflammation and make it oilier than usual.

Yes, hair serums are effective. But the effect will not be seen immediately. With regular usage, hair serum promotes the hair follicles to grow thicker.

Using hair serum will not directly increase the growth of hair. It may encourage follicles to grow and accelerate hair growth.

Yes, Kosmoderma HairGen Serum is suitable for all hair types. It is suitable for all hair textures. The active ingredients in this serum smoothens the rough ends and eliminates the frizz.

Take 3-4 drops of hair serum on your palm and apply on the lengths of your hair. Don’t apply it on the scalp. Use the serum on wet hair whenever you wash your hair. For best results, use regularly for 4-6 months.

No, the hair serum when applied on wet hair doesn’t make it oily. Instead, over applying serum on your hair changes your hair texture from shiny to greasy. It is recommended to use only 3-4 drops of hair serum that too on the length of your hair.

No, it’s not always true. You will lose your hair if a product doesn’t suit your hair. Hair becomes unusually brittle or frizzy if you are not using the right product. So make sure you choose the right serum and use it as recommended by your doctor.

Yes, Kosmoderma Hair Gen serum is safe to use even after a hair transplant surgery. You can use this product to increase the shine and thickness of your transplanted hair.

No, it is not recommended to use hair serum everyday. Limit its use on the day you wash your hair.

Hair oil is generally used to nourish and enhance the health of your hair. On the other hand, hair serum is a style product that smoothes and adds shine to your hair.

Yes, adding a hair growth serum for men as well as women is necessary as it protects the hair from damage. It also imparts shine and lessens frizz.

Step 1

Check the ingredients on the hair growth serum. Analyse whether a particular serum is needed for your hair type. There are hair serums specially designed for curly, fine, rough and straight hair. Kosmoderma HairGen Serum is suitable for all hair textures and types.

Step 2

Take 3-4 pumps (2ml) on your hand with the help of a dropper. Apply this to a little wet (damp) hair after washing it properly with shampoo.

Step 3

Apply it gently through the length of your hair. It is recommended to not use hair serum on the scalp.

Step 4

Massage it in for a minute for best results. For regular hair maintenance, use it over a period of 3 months to see the best results. Hair serum makes your hair smoother, shinier, nourished and frizz-free all the day.

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