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Experts recommend sunscreen for all seasons throughout the year. In winter, the skin gets drier than usual, and a moisturizing sunscreen like Kosmoderma’s Photo Protect Gel 40spf will keep your skin hydrated. Also, make sure to apply sunscreen even if you are remaining indoors. Include sunscreen in your daily skincare regime for youthful-looking, happy, and healthy skin.

Both facial cleansers and soaps remove dirt and make-up from your face, but cleansers are gentle on your skin. It’s because the skin on your face is relatively sensitive compared to other areas of your body. Additionally, facial cleansers are made exclusively for the facial skin and can tackle skin-related concerns too. For instance, Kosmoderma Gentle Cleanser not only removes dead cells build-up and excess oil from your face but also maintains the pH level of the skin.

Kosmoderma HairGen Capsules has biomimetic peptides and ceramides forming a protective coating on hair strands. They prevent hair from breaking away or thinning. Also, peptides are chains of amino acids that contain growth factors to reactivate hair follicles. For best results, we recommend consulting our trichologist to formulate a personalized haircare regime.

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