Cocoyl Taurate

Kosmoderma Gentle Skin Cleanser

The first and foremost part of any skincare routine starts with cleansing. It's a multi-purpose soap free cleanser crafted with a unique formula providing an oil-free glow to the skin. Our gentle skin cleanser contains cocoyl taurate that thoroughly hydrates, cleanses, and protects the skin. With shea butter and oats ingredients, the skin remains soft and supple. This oil control face wash and a cleanser for glowing skin that does not cause irritations or leave any residue that clogs pores. It's a sulphate free cleanser and balances pH that cleans your skin from within. Protects skin from sun damage by providing 24/7 hydration. It's dermatologically tested and enriched with saponins by exfoliating the skin.

Key ingredients

Cocoyl Taurate: Mild and natural that keeps skin smooth and soft without drying. A non- irritant and a mild surfactant used in cleansing products.

Shea butter: An emollient that helps soften or smooth dry skin. Promote collagen production and have anti-ageing properties. Boosts skin moisture by creating a moisture seal.

Oats: Strengthen the skin’s barrier, moisturise and soothe the skin. Reduce flakiness, dryness and itching. Improves your skin complexion and boosts collagen production.


What is a soap-free cleanser?

Soap free face cleanser is a mild face wash free of alkaline ingredients and fats. They are also devoid of chemical surfactants.

Which face wash is best for very dry skin?

It is better to use soap free cleanser for dry skin. It helps in moisturising and cleanses the skin.

Which cleanser is best for sensitive skin?

Soap free face wash is best for sensitive skin as they preserve the skin’s natural oils and prevent drying.

Can Kosmo Derma's gentle skin cleanser remove pimples?

Yes, it is a face cleanser for oily acne prone skin. It is an anti acne facial cleanser that prevents pore clogging.

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