Cocoyl Taurate

Cocoyl Taurate

While switching to 100% natural products for skin care, one ingredient that experts constantly and is ensuring in product formulations is Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate. It's a salty white paste obtained from the fatty acids of coconut. This gentle foaming agent used widely in sulphate-free cleansers has moisturising properties also.

Sulphates used in general cleansers may be harsh to the skin, especially for sensitive skin types. The natural alternative, cocoyl taurate, helps water and oil blend well, making the mixture a perfect cleansing agent. It removes impurities without disturbing skin's pH balance and keeps the face smooth, hydrated, and supple.

Benefits of cocoyl taurate for skin

Cleanses skin:

Cocoyl taurate enables water and oil to mix with each other. This mixture is a good cleansing agent and it cleanses the impurities present in the skin without stripping the natural pH of it. It also makes the skin smooth and soft.


This ingredient in the cleansers provides hydration to the skin by retaining the moisture levels within. It moisturises the skin and softens it by removing dryness.

Who can use cocoyl taurate?

Cocoyl taurate is an active ingredient in sulphate- free formulated cleanser. It can be used by both the sensitive as well as dry skin types. Even cocoyl taurate can be applied by individuals having oily and acne- prone skin as this ingredient also aids in preventing clogging of the pores.

Best time to use cocoyl taurate

Cocoyl taurate in the cleansers can be used day and night. It is used as the first and foremost product in any skincare regime. It is used to remove dirt, debris and extra oil from the face and makes it clean for further application of products. You can add it to any skin care regime and blend well with sunscreen, moisturiser and toner.

Frequently Asked Questions About cocoyl taurate

Cocoyl taurate is used as a natural alternative to harsh silicones and sulphates. It is used to formulate creams, shampoos, face washes and body washes.

Yes, cocoyl taurate is free from sulphate, safe to use and above all is a natural substance used extensively in skin products. This ingredient is a non-irritant and is suitable to use for sensitive skin.

This ingredient is widely used in cleansers as it enables water and oil to blend well. This leads to the formation of a perfect cleansing mixture because it will remove the impurities without stripping the natural pH of your skin.

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