Kojic Acid

Kojic acid

Kojic acid is a substance made by different kinds of fungi. It is also a by-product of Japanese soy sauce and rice wine fermentation. The acid is used widely in formulated products like creams with an allowed concentration of one percent or less. It is a skin-lightening agent.

Kojic acid cream for pigmentation hinders the production of tyrosine, an amino acid that triggers melanin production. Unlike cleansers, kojic acid products should not be washed off immediately as it has a low absorption rate. Even though mostly used on the face and hands, it is safe to use them topically in any non-sensitive part of the body.

Benefits of kojic acid

Anti- ageing effects

Kojic acid face cream helps in lightening your skin by improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Acne treatment

Kojic acid is an effective ingredient for acne- prone skin because anti- microbial properties help in fighting the bacteria that causes acne. . We have kojic acid cream for dark spots that stimulates production of collagen and repair tissues in the skin . It also helps prevent breakouts.

Skin lightening

With the exposure of UV light from the sun, the production of melanin increases. This leads to pigmentation and dark spots. Kojic brightening cream works by lightening the pigmentation and improving the complexion of the skin tone in natural ways.

Who can use kojic acid?

Kojic acid is for external skin use. It can be used by any individuals who want to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma. People who have ageing concerns can use this active ingredient to minimise visible signs of ageing. Kojic acid and vitamin C cream is also used by acne- prone skin who want to get rid of acne and breakouts.

Best time to use

Apply kojic acid skin whitening cream twice a day. In the morning, use this cream in combination with sunscreen because spending time in the sun can cause hyperpigmentation. You can also apply this cream directly on the acne spots. Take the right amount of cream and rub your hands together. Apply on the clean face and massage it gently to ensure it gets absorbed completely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kojic Acid

Yes, kojic acid skin care products can be used by all skin types. For oily and acne- prone skin, this active ingredient works by treating acne and acne scars. It is an ingredient without any side effects, so it can also be used by people having sensitive skin.

Kojic acid creams inhibit the release of an amino acid named tyrosine. This leads to minimal production of melanin, thus resulting in brighter complexion.

Kosmoderma Dermabrite cream has kojic acid as an active ingredient. Along with it, natural ingredients like gooseberry extract, licorice and aloe vera help to give a soothing effect that eases any type of inflammation on the skin.

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