Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol

If the skin is turning dry or flaky or exhibits a rough texture, your skincare regime misses propylene glycol. It acts as a humectant and conditioner for the skin. Propylene glycol locks moisture into the skin and keeps it hydrated. More hydration implies glowing and healthy skin.

Propylene glycol helps to protect and repair the skin's outer barrier. It also makes way for other useful ingredients applied topically to reach deeper layers of skin and deliver their best results.

Benefits of propylene glycol

Hydrates skin:

Propylene glycol acts as a humectant that absorbs water in the skin. It prevents dryness and moisturises the skin from within.

Minimises ageing signs:

Propylene glycol in the skin care products slows down the ageing process. It reduces wrinkles and age spots, giving a flawless complexion.

Safe for acne:

Propylene glycol is non oily in nature. Thus, helps to fade away the acne and scars related to it.

Absorbs other products:

Propylene glycol has a unique property of absorbing the active ingredients of other cosmetic products. This makes your look more appealing.

Who can use propylene glycol ?

Propylene glycol is considered as safe and can be used by any individual. It is found in various moisturisers, sunscreen and toners. Due to its moisturising ability and non-sticky nature, dry as well as oily skin types can benefit from it. People who spend most of their time in the sun should use this ingredient as it helps in providing protection from UV exposure.

Best time to use propylene glycol

You should use propylene glycol sunscreen before stepping out in the sun both in summers as well as in winters. It provides long term protection against UV- A and UV-B rays. You should use this sunscreen after applying all the other skin care products.

Frequently Asked Questions About propylene glycol

Yes, for individuals having dry skin propylene glycol is the best solution. It helps bind the water to your skin and keeps moisture in it.

Yes, for people with acne-prone skin, propylene glycol containing product is recommended because of its non-sticky nature and the non-greasy look it delivers.

Kosmoderma Photo Protect Sunscreen is enriched with propylene glycol. You can use this product both in summer and winter daily. It is lightweight in nature and shields your skin from sunlight and blue light from electronic devices.

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