Kosmoderma Moisture Boost Cream

A gel based moisturiser of naturally occurring ingredients which is dermatologically- formulated. It soothes your skin by preventing ecological harm and water loss. The goodness of ceramides and hyaluronic acid in the hydrating gel moisturiser refresh, moisturise and renew skin cells. Glycerine and sodium hyaluronate together provide instant hydration to your thirsty skin. Kosmoderma Moisture Boost Cream is a light gel face moisturiser and a daily cream for dry skin that makes skin soft and supple.

Key ingredients:

Ceramides: Fatty acid that is found in your skin cells. This ingredient in gel based moisturiser for dry skin prevents dryness by locking moisture in your skin. Protects your skin from environmental factors.

Glycerin: Allows the skin to retain moisture. Softens the skin, increases skin hydration, refreshes the surface of skin and decreases dryness.

Hyaluronic acid: Known for its natural hydration in the skin. Restore the skin barrier and plumps it. Holds cell moisture and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin refreshed.


How do you use gel Moisturiser?

Pour 2-3 drops of gel face moisturiser on your fingers. Apply on your face with regular circular motion.

What skin type should use gel moisturiser?

This type of moisturiser can be applied on oily skin. Gel based moisturisers for oily skin are lightweight, non- greasy and oil free.

Can you use gel moisturizer at night?

Yes, gel hydrating gel moisturiser can be used at night as well as in day.

Do gel moisturizers clog pores?

No, gel face moisturiser doesn't clog pores. It is dermatologically formulated with natural ingredients like ceramides for skin and hyaluronic acid to refresh, moisturise and renew skin cells.

Is it good to use a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid?

Yes, hyaluronic acid gel moisturiser is good to use as it renews skin cells and replenishes the skin with moisture. Provide instant hydration to your thirsty skin.

Can I use hyaluronic acid on my face every day?

Yes, it is a hydrating gel moisturiser that is light textured and can be used on a daily basis

How do you use ceramide gel for face?

It can be applied after cleansing when your skin is less moist. Apply 2-3 drops of the gel on your face with the help of your fingers.

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