Ceramides are fats and lipids that make up thirty- forty percent of our outer skin or epidermis. It's essential to lock moisture in the skin and helps strengthen the skin's protective barrier by preventing the entry of pathogens into the body.

Skin care products containing ceramides are a must-have for individuals living in cities as their skin is more prone to environmental damage orchestrated by pollution, dirt, and UV radiation. Get protection from all of these environmental aggressors and keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and supple with our ceramide skin care.

Benefits of ceramides

Maintains skin barrier:

Ceramides are present naturally in our skin. Overtime, the levels decline and the skin forms cracks. Using ceramides for the face can help to rejuvenate the outer barrier of our skin.

Protects against UV damage:

Exposure of UV rays and sunlight can cause various effects on your skin. Ceramide moisturisers protect it from UV damage by creating a barrier on it. It also reduces hyperpigmentation and combats redness.

Boosts hydration:

When skin becomes dry and dehydrated, it can become rough. Ceramides lock the moisture levels and increase the skin hydration by combating dryness. Increased hydration will smoothen your skin and improve its overall appearance.

Who can use ceramides?

Ceramides containing skin care products can be used by individuals having dry skin. This active ingredient helps in soothing it. Applying ceramide moisturisers can help to restore the skin’s natural ceramide levels. Even they are an ideal ingredient for other skin types like sensitive, acne- prone or oily skin.

Best time to use ceramide

Ceramide creams can be applied immediately after a shower to lock in the extra moisture. It can be used twice a day on all skin types. You can use cleanser on your face and follow it up with a ceramide cream.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramides

Cleanse your face with a cleanser and apply 3-4 drops of ceramide gel on your face. You can massage it for a while for better results.

Kosmoderma moisture boost cream contains ceramides and many other natural ingredients clinically-proven best for your skin. The cream soothes your skin by preventing dryness. It also protects your skin from other environmental stressors.

Ceramides are naturally present in the human skin. But its presence reduces and gradually depletes with age. This may result in dull and dry skin. Therefore, topical formulation of ceramide is necessary for any skin care regime.

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