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Although all men should have a hair care routine, some guys choose not to because of their hectic work schedules or because they don't place hair care as a top priority. It is nevertheless crucial to recognise your needs and establish a routine to maintain a proper hair care regimen. Your hairstyle will last longer and appear as amazing as it was intended to with regular hair maintenance.

 Importance of hair care

Just wearing good clothes doesn’t make you presentable. Hair care is essential for your general hygiene as well as for looks. Your hair is crucial to your general well-being and health as it is one of the first things that people perceive about you. You don't need to dedicate hours on hair care, a few hours each week should be plenty for it. The importance of maintaining hair are:

Enhances Self Confidence:

Everyone wants to feel confident about themselves, and how we feel about ourselves is strongly affected by the appearance of our hair. Visit a salon on a regular basis as the hairdressers have the expertise to trim and style any type of hair that makes you look best.

Prevents Premature Hair Fall:

No man will ever be happy with early hair loss. It not only impacts the external look of men, but also affects their mental health. Early hair loss directly undermines a person's sense of self-worth, which causes stress and behavioural problems. However, managing your hair properly can extend its lifespan by lowering the chance of premature hair loss.

Encourages healthy hair:

Since poorly managed hair can have split ends, frizz, and can be excessively dry, healthy hair is essential both for your health and well being. A proper hair care regimen will promote the growth of hair.

Common hair care mistakes most men make

Imagine you shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis. Along with it, you apply hair masks every weekend, but do you still remain disappointed with the results? This might be because your hair is not responding to the hair care regime you are using. Some men make a few errors that seriously damage their hair over time in their pursuit of an ideal hairstyle. Here are some regular hair care errors to refrain of:

Not Being Gentle With Your Scalp

While giving your hair a hard, thorough wash may seem like the ideal approach to remove debris and dandruff, but doing so is bad for your scalp. Hair follicles can be damaged by rough washing and brushing, which causes hair fall and slow growth of hair. Simply massage your scalp while washing or brushing it to solve the problem.

Not cleaning hats and caps

Men wear caps and often forget to wash them. Your scalp may get irritated and your hair may become oily and smelly if you wear unwashed or dirty caps. Make sure to routinely wash your caps and to wear only clean ones.

Excessive use of wax or hair gel

Applying more hair gel or wax will only make you look stylish. However, the hair strength deteriorates from the scalp. The simplest method to avoid making this mistake is to wait until your hair is completely dry before adding gel or wax. You can towel dry or blow dry your hair before using gel.

Skip the daily hair wash

Many men regularly wash their hair. This will strip off your natural oil from hair that leaves them to break easily. Limit your washing to two or three times a week. This will maintain the health of your hair and stop the loss of the scalp's natural oils.

Essential hair care tips

The essential hair care tips men should follow are:

Oil your hair regularly:

Oiling your hair is the first step in a man's hair care process. You don't have to keep it overnight, however, simply apply oil on your scalp before washing it. Gently massaging the scalp promotes exfoliation, which assists to reduce hair fall and remove dryness from hair. The oil penetrates deeply into your scalp and fortifies the hair roots, resulting in thicker hair

Dry your hair gently:

Wet hair is typically weaker and more brittle. Don't rub your hair after washing it because doing so can cause considerable breakage. Instead, pat it dry to relieve pressure on the scalp. Air drying helps in retaining its natural texture that lessens the chance of frizzy hair.

Stay natural:

Avoid frequent chemical treatments like colouring, straightening or bleaching as they might permanently harm your hair. When you apply colouring chemicals, they either remove the hair's original colour or add a new colour that affects the root shafts.

Prevent frequent heat styling:

Avoid overexposing your hair to the heat is further crucial hair care advice. Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer set to high heat as it will suck away the moisture from your hair. Allow it to dry naturally as it will not make your hair frizzy.

Apply a hair mask:

Your hair needs regular maintenance. Consequently, using a hair mask frequently is essential for optimal hair care. Hair masks nourish your hair from the roots to their tips. Applying a hair mask once a week and letting it sit for the recommended amount of time is advised.

 Use minimum hair products:

If you use too much hair gel, wax, spray, or any other hair product, your hair will look thin and unnatural. When it comes to properly styling use a minimal amount of these products.

Wear loose hats:

It's okay to wear a hat or cap occasionally. Tight hats can harm your hair causing hair loss because they strain excessively firmly on the roots of the hair. So, avoid wearing tight hats.

Use conditioner:

After shampooing, you strip away the barrier that your scalp has built to keep moisture in your hair. Apply conditioner after rinsing shampoo from the scalp as it keeps your hair hydrated and replenishes the moisture in it.

Skip the daily hair wash:

Men regularly wash their hair. Limit your washing to two to three times a week. This will make your hair healthy and will break less.
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Products for daily hair care routine

Your scalp and hair suffers from environmental damage just like your skin. It’s time to start taking care by using products free from harmful chemicals. Some of the below mentioned hair care products can be included in your daily routine:

Kosmoderma Hair Gen Shampoo

For stronger, healthier, and smoother hair, use Hair Gen Shampoo as it aids in preventing hair loss and lessens hair deterioration. It contains niacinamide, anagain and caffeine as the active ingredients that improves the texture of hair, which enhances the look and feel of hair. Niacinamide improves blood circulation in the scalp and thereby promotes growth of hair. In addition, caffeine reduces dryness and makes hair shiny. Lemon extract is a natural ingredient that reduces flakiness and controls oil production in the scalp by strengthening hair follicles. Due to the presence of natural substances, the shampoo can be used on any hair type.
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Kosmoderma Hair Gen Serum

The ingredients in the serum shields your hair from breakage and loss. In addition to promoting hair growth, this hair serum safeguards your hair from environmental harm. Serum is rich with peptides and caffeine as the active ingredient that increases blood circulation to the scalp and nourishes it, which results in shinier, more moisturised hair. The serum also contains some natural ingredients like green tea extract, sugar cane extract and olive oil. These substances contain a lot of revitalising properties. Due to the presence of fatty acids in the serum, it provides moisture to your dry hair and thus, prevents dryness of the scalp.
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Kosmoderma Hair Gen Capsules

Apart from applying the products on hair, you can also take multivitamin tablets that promote hair development and provide strength to it. The capsules also hydrate and safeguard your hair. They also nourish fragile hair and reduce frizz. Each ingredient in the capsule is dermatologically intended to address a certain hair issue. The tablets contain the most well-known amino acids named cysteine and methionine that retain moisture in the hair shaft. Also, niacinamide helps in the improvement of hair texture that has been damaged due to chemicals and other substances. Anagain in the capsule initiates the new phases of hair growth by triggering the production of hair growth factors in the dermal papilla area.
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Men need to take time from their hectic schedule to follow a basic hair care routine. Including healthy practices, such as getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet with the usage of good hair care products will not only improve the texture of hair, but also increase the longevity of it. Also, avoid alcohol and smoking. In this manner,  your hair receives optimum shine and hydration since it is nurtured from the inside out.

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