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Hair loss is a prevalent issue that impacts both genders and may be rather upsetting due to its diverse aetiology. While some amount of hair loss daily is normal, severe hair loss may indicate a more serious problem. The quest for efficient solutions to this problem has given rise to several treatment options. Kosmoderma’s HairGen Capsules are excellent for controlling hair fall due to various reasons. Read along to know how you can benefit from this wonder drug.

What Causes Hairfall?

The hair on our heads follows a growth cycle. Like the rest of the cells of our body, hair too has a lifespan and it falls off at the end. However, the number of strands that fall at the end of each cycle is limited and there are fresh strands that take their place. Hair falling in large amounts and very frequently is a cause for concern. It may be an indication of some serious underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Some of the common reasons for hair fall include the following-
  • Diet: Not eating a balanced diet can deprive the body of essential nutrients. An unhealthy diet that is devoid of fresh fruits and vegetables can be detrimental to hair follicles. This results in easy breakage and hair loss.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Fluctuating hormone levels during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause can wreak havoc inside your body leading to hair loss. Certain medical conditions like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) can also result in hormonal imbalances and hair fall.
  • Chronic Stress: Stress has been well-documented as a trigger for several health conditions. Chronic mental, emotional or physical stress can lead to steady and severe hair fall.
  • Hygiene: Not maintaining a proper hair hygiene routine can cause hair to become weak and fall. Regular washing and shampooing ensures the scalp is clean and free from oil, grime and dirt. An unclean scalp and dirty hair become breeding grounds for bacterial and parasitic infections resulting in hair loss.
  • Inappropriate Styling: Tying your hair into tight buns and braids, overusing styling tools like curlers and dryers and applying too many chemical-loaded hair products can make your irritate your scalp and weaken the strands, leading to hair fall.
  • Medical Reasons: Diseases like thyroid, alopecia areata, etc. and certain medications can cause hair loss.

Role of Kosmoderma’s HairGen Capsules In Hair Loss

Kosmoderma HairGen Capsule is a special dietary supplement formulation designed to protect and nourish hair. These superfood-infused hair care capsules help to reduce hair fall by nourishing them. These hair multivitamin supplements also help to prevent split ends and enhance blood circulation. The capsules are made of several ingredients that all serve to improve the overall health of your hair and scalp.
  • Anagain- This is the active ingredient in the hair gain capsules that triggers new phases of hair development by encouraging the production of hair growth factors in the dermal papilla area.
  • Niacinamide- HairGen Capsules contain niacinamide, which improves the look of hair and increases blood circulation to the scalp.
  • Amino acids- Amino acids bind to the hair shaft's cuticle and help give the hair a glossy appearance. Cysteine present in the capsule is required for the formation of cross-bridges in the keratin protein and it plays a critical role in preventing hair loss conditions such as alopecia. Lysine, another amino acid, aids in the synthesis of collagen, which gives hair its volume. Methionine is utilised to lessen hair fall issues and strengthen hair follicles.
  • Vitamins and Minerals-These bind to the shaft of the hair and give it a shiny, gloss appearance.

Benefits of Kosmoderma’s HairGen Capsules

  • They enhance blood circulation and nourish the follicles
  • They repair damaged follicles and split ends
  • They prevent premature greying
  • They help protect your hair against damage caused by extreme weather and humidity
  • They are 100% vegan with no side effects
  • They are suitable for all ages and both genders.

How To Use Kosmoderma’s HairGen Capsules

Kosmoderma’s HairGen Capsules should ideally be taken 2 capsules per day for 6 months. For added benefits and enhanced results, you can use Kosmoderma’s HairGen Capsules along with HairGen shampoo and HairGen serum.
Effective treatment of hair loss depends on identifying its precise cause. Seeking advice from a dermatologist or healthcare provider is advised if you are noticing thinning or experiencing excessive hair loss. They can perform a comprehensive examination, assess medical history, and suggest suitable therapies, such as dietary adjustments, prescription drugs, or hair care products according to the patient's needs. To effectively manage and address hair loss, early intervention and a comprehensive approach are essential. Kosmoderma HairGen Capsule is a special dietary supplement formulation designed to protect and nourish hair. These superfood-infused hair care capsules help to reduce hair fall by nourishing unruly and brittle hair. Include these capsules in your hair care routine and you are bound to notice fabulous changes in your tresses.

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