HairGen Capsules for Hair Growth

100% vegan | No side Effects | Nourish Hair Follicles
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Hair growth capsule to strengthen, nourish & protect hair

Benefits of Hairgen Capsules

  • Enhanced blood circulation and nourish hair follicles
  • Helps in repairing damaged hair follicles that cause split ends
  • Hair growth multivitamins are suitable for all ages
  • 100% vegan without any side effects
  • Protects against humid climate by repairing the damage
  • Hair regrow capsules are made from natural ingredients and are best among all the hair capsules
  • Prevent premature greying of hair
  • No artificial preservatives and non- alcoholic
Size :

Country of origin – India

Manufacturer – Dreamz Health Care

Manufactured Address – Harohalli Bangalore-562112

Marketed by – Kosmoderma

Marketed Address – 67/2 Lavelle road,Bangalore,Karnataka-560001

Kosmoderma HairGen Capsule

Hair loss is caused by unhealthy roots, vitamin insufficiency and inadequate nourishment. Kosmoderma HairGen Capsule is a unique formula of dietary supplement to nourish and protect hair. These hair care capsules are super-foods that nourish fragile and frizzy hair, subsequently decreasing hair fall. It can also be termed as unique vitamin hair capsules that improve hair strength. Also, these multivitamin tablets for hair improve blood circulation and prevent split ends. Anagain in the hair gain capsules stimulates the release of hair growth factors in the dermal papilla region and activates new phases of hair growth. Niacinamide as an ingredient in the vitamin hair capsules boosts circulation and enhances the appearance of hair. Amino acids, vitamins, and mineral complexes are the natural ingredients in the multivitamin tablet for hair that increase its thickness by preventing the shrinkage of follicles. It binds to the cuticle of the shaft and aids in providing a shiny look to the hair.
Active Ingredient Anagain: Stimulates the release of hair growth factors in the dermal papilla region and activates new phases of hair growth. Prevents hair loss by building scalp health and muscle fibre.

Niacinamide: Boosts circulation that helps in the growth of long and strong hair. Enhances the appearance of hair by increasing its volume and shine. Improves the texture of hair that has been damaged due to chemicals or heating substances. Reduce flaking on the scalp by restoring its suppleness.
Natural Ingredients Amino acids: Bind to the cuticle of the shaft and aids in creating a shiny look to the hair. Cysteine plays a crucial function in preventing hair loss issues like alopecia since it is necessary for the creation of cross bridges in the keratin protein. Amino acid lysine helps in the formation of collagen that is responsible for hair volume. Methionine is used to strengthen the hair follicles and reduce hair fall problems.


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Normally hair grows only half an inch per month. Therefore, hair growing capsules will not show their results overnight. Instead it would take 3-4 months for initial improvements.

Yes, the hair growing capsules are safe to take. They contain several active and natural ingredients that help in the growth of your hair. You can take two hair care capsules daily for better results. It can be consumed by both sexes.

Yes, hair thickening capsules improves hair strength, nourishes and protects hair. These capsules nourish the fragile or frizzy hair. The amino acids in multivitamin tablets for hair help in creating a shiny look to the hair. Boosts the circulation and improves hair texture.

Hair growth multivitamins contain active ingredients like anagain and niacinamide that boosts the growth of hair and reduces hair fall. Amino acids in the capsules help in formation of hair protein like keratin and collagen.

The multivitamin tablets will make your hair grow faster. But the results are not seen overnight. The results are proven but gradual. You can see tangible results in 10 to 12 weeks.

No, these pills are safe to take and thus have no side effects. They are 100% vegetarian and can be consumed only by adults.

It can be done by massaging your hair with oil. Also, hair thickening tablets are taken by the individuals for increasing the thickness of hair.

Stimulating the scalp by massaging it with oil or any other natural ingredient helps in promoting hair growth.

  • Use less heat styling products
  • Get your hair trim on a regular basis
  • Massage your scalp with essential oils

Take 2 capsules per day for 6 months. For even better results combine this with HairGen Serum and HairGen Shampoo.

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