Caffeine is one of the most sought out key ingredients in skin care products. It protects the skin from damage induced by free radicals - those molecules that break down collagen causing fine lines, wrinkles, or other signs of ageing like saggy skin. Additionally, caffeine's anti-inflammatory properties help ease redness and alleviate skin harm due to sun exposure.

Caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor. It makes the blood vessels tight and reduces blood flow making skin appear bright and smooth. Caffeine infused products also help minimise the appearance of dark circles or under eye bags caused by sleeplessness or general tiredness.There are caffeine hair products that help in restoring the growth of hair as it boosts the blood circulation of the scalp. It also aids in removing dullness and dryness from hair.

Benefits of caffeine

Restore growth:

Using caffeine containing hair shampoo and serum speed up hair growth. It improves the circulation of blood and results in healthy hair growth.

Shiny hair:

If your hair feels dry and dull, caffeine infused hair products help in leaving the hair smooth and soft. It works by controlling frizz and smooths the texture of the hair.

Detoxify the scalp:

Caffeine hair products like shampoo help in detoxifying the scalp and cleanse it thoroughly. This helps in getting rid of excess oil, debris and dirt. This will in turn promote a healthy scalp.

Detangle the hair:

Caffeine hair serum makes the hair detangle quickly. This in turn makes your hair shafts soften.

Who can use caffeine ?

Any individual can use caffeine enriched hair growth products. Hair serum containing caffeine helps in the growth of hair. It also makes your hair shiny and smooth. This makes your hair easier to manage too.

Best time to use caffeine

Caffeine infused products for hair can be used by both males and females. You can use caffeine hair growth shampoo for hair growth twice or thrice a week to wash your hair. Apply gently on your scalp and massage it. You can use caffeine hair serum whenever you wash your hair. This makes hair frizz- free, smooth and soft.

Frequently Asked Questions About caffeine

Caffeine is an organic ingredient that is present in serums and shampoos. It doesn’t cause hair fall, instead it promotes growth of hair follicles on the scalp.

No, caffeine will penetrate into the hair follicles only. It doesn’t have any effects on other parts of your body. Hence, the usage of caffeine in shampoos and serums doesn’t cause any side effects to the health.

Yes, caffeine is a natural ingredient that has many health benefits. As a substance in serums and shampoos, it helps in promoting hair growth and also prevents hair fall.

It is safe to use caffeine shampoos whenever you wash your hair. Kosmoderma Hairgen shampoos are enriched with caffeine and other natural ingredients that improve the hair growth cycle. But it is recommended not to shampoo daily as it removes the essential oils from the scalp.

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