Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and peptides are a short chain of amino acids. For instance, collagen is made up of three peptide chains. Thus, including related peptide-infused skin care serums or moisturisers helps boost collagen production and makes skin firmer, smoother, and younger-looking.

Certain peptides have antimicrobial properties and keep bacteria that cause acne under check. Peptides ease inflammation and also help to secure a stronger skin barrier. It protects the skin from various environmental aggressors like dirt and pollution. Peptides for hair help in stimulating hair growth and lessen the premature hair ageing.

Benefits of peptides for hair

Better hair growth:

Peptides stimulate cuticle growth and restore the inner binding of the hair. Additionally it improves hair development and increases the diameter of hair.

Improves blood flow:

Peptides also aid in enhancing blood circulation to the scalp. This makes the hair more healthier and nourished.

Safeguards against toxins:

Peptides have antioxidant properties that aid in shielding the hair from pollutants and free radicals present in the environment. They may also lessen the rate of premature hair ageing brought on by pollutants and UV rays from the sun.

Minimises hair loss:

Peptides work by stopping the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the main cause of hair loss.

Who can use peptides?

Peptide enriched serum and shampoo can be used by individuals of all hair types. You can use the peptide products in your regular hair care routine. Peptide serum aids in protecting the hair from external damages. It is also useful for people that have dry, frizzy and damaged hair as the serum makes your hair frizz free and shiny. Peptide shampoo helps in boosting the blood circulation on the scalp. This will directly promote the growth of hair and will reduce hair loss.

Best time to use peptide

You can use peptide serum in your daily hair care routine. Wash your hair gently and dry it naturally. Take 3-4 drops of hair serum on your hand and apply it on the damp hair. Leave it on. Make sure to use serum only on the length of hair rather than using it on the scalp. This shields your hair from further damage and provides a frizz free appearance.

You can use peptide shampoo in your daily hair care routine. Take a small amount of shampoo, and massage it on the scalp. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can use this shampoo twice or thrice a week for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions About peptides

Peptides have proven to increase the size of hair follicles. This makes your hair thick and healthy. Peptide shampoos ensure proper blood flow to the scalp and give nourishment to it.

Kosmoderma Hairgen Shampoo is formulated with peptides. It also has other natural ingredients like anagain that directly promotes the growth of hair. This peptide shampoo also makes your hair thick and lustrous.

Kosmoderma Hairgen serum contains peptides that makes your hair frizz free and reduces dryness. It also has some natural substances like green tea extract, olive oil and sugar cane extract that provides deep conditioning to your hair.

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