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Hair serum

Do you ever feel that your hair is dry, looks lifeless, and dull, even after using the best shampoos and conditioners? Then it's time to start utilising hair serum to give your hair the extra treatment that is actually required. Hair serum is a liquid solution that imparts shine, moisture, smoothness, and protection to the surface of the hair. A hair serum often has a thicker consistency and is made to safeguard your hair strands. Your hair receives nourishment from the active elements and nutrients in the hair serum, which also protects them from thinning and breaking. It does not penetrate the hair cuticles or alter the structure of the hair like hair oil does. Instead, it enhances the hair's smoothness and provides bounce to it. Additionally, it eliminates frizz, adds gloss, and shields your hair from damaging environmental factors.
Hair growth serums contain silicone, which helps to strengthen and enhance your hair. Additionally, it lessens hair loss. To reduce hair damage, silicone-based serums are used that have a lower pH level. Most hair serums contain dimethicone and polysiloxane, which are known to protect the hair shaft and bind cuticles to prevent heat damage. The hair regrowth serums active constituents and amino acids permeate your hair deeply and reduce hair breakage. Moreover, hair serums offer the hair excellent lubrication, which makes it simpler to handle.
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How to use hair serum: Dos and don'ts

Hair serum should be applied to the length of hair rather than the roots. Here are some do’s and dont’s one must follow in order to use right serum for their hair:

Do’s- Find the right product for your hair type

Every brand uses a different combination of ingredients that may be beneficial for some and not for others. You need to find the product that is ideal for your hair type. For dry and frizzy hair, look for ingredients in the serums that provide intense hydration to your hair. If your hair is already damaged or has split ends, always go for hair serums containing keratin. It may aid in restoring protein to the hair. For curly and thick hair type, use serums that contain any type of oil in it. This will add an extra boost to hydration.

Do’s- Wash hair before applying serum

Hair serum is a leave-in product that works best when applied to just-shampooed hair. The serum's main objective is to shield the hair from toxins. Moreover, using it on unwashed hair may make the hair more oily. A person can shampoo their hair thoroughly, follow it up with a conditioner. Finally, towel-dry your hair and then apply serum directly to the length of hair.

Do’s- warm the serum before applying

Most hair serums are thick, which makes them difficult to apply. It can be made smoother by warming the product. This can be done by rubbing a small amount of serum on the palm and massaging it for a short period of time. This makes the serum more consistent to apply and thus, ensures a more even application.

Don't- Overuse of serum

The hair may become flat and greasy if serum is applied excessively. To avoid this, individuals should ideally start with a little dosage and add more gradually as needed.

Don'ts- Apply on roots

Applying hair serum to the roots should be avoided since it can make the hair look oily, weigh it down, and make it greasy. Applying the hair serum from the ends to the mid shafts is ideal because the hair ends are naturally drier.

Don't- Rinse after applying

Hair serums are leave-in products that help to smooth, hydrate, and shield the hair's surface. by washing, the coating can be removed.

How often should we use hair serum

Serums are not advised to use on a daily basis. Use serums only when you wash your hair. Hair serum works best when used gently. Applying too much hair serum can make your hair look limp rather than shiny. Applying less than a pea-sized amount of serum for thin hair and a quarter-sized amount for thick hair is more than sufficient. The question arises how to apply You can use hair serum by following these simple steps:
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo. Follow it up with a conditioner and dry your hair with a towel.
  • Take 3-4 pumps of serum on your palm and rub it gently.
  • Apply the serum to your hair, starting from the middle of hair strands to the ends.
  • After applying serum, untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb while gently distributing the serum among your strands.
  • Use a hair dryer or hair straightener to style your hair.

Is Serum Necessary for Hair?

Hair serum has become a crucial component of our hair care regimens. Although shampoos are sufficient for cleaning, they might expose the cuticles of hair. A layer of serum is essential because the conditioner is ineffective at sealing your cuticle. Serums should be a part of your hair care routine if you style your hair with heat frequently. It shields your hair from heat damage and gives an additional layer of protection to it.
There are lots of benefits of using hair serum:

Reduce the frizz

Lack of moisture and natural oils causes hair to look frizzy and dry. Silicone found in hair serum aids in the treatment of this problem. It coats the hair and assists in retaining moisture. The serum's hydrolyzed protein controls the static charge that promotes hair frizz. From the roots to the tips, serum moisturises weak strands.

Minimises tangles

After washing your hair, it might be difficult to try to detangle the strands. Towel-dried hair can benefit from a few drops of hair serum to help with detangling. This makes it easy to comb and style your hair.

Adds lustre and shine

Hair serums can also help to improve hair shine. For soft, and glassy shining hair, serum can be applied as an easy finishing touch. The silicone component of hair serum raises the overall shine of hair.

Safeguarding against damage

serum not only styles your hair, but also functions as heat protectant. It shields hair strands from environmental deterioration, heat damage (caused by heated styling equipment), the use of chemicals during colouring and straightening, and mechanical pressure. The colour of the hair begins to fade when it is exposed to UV radiation because it dehydrates the scalp. With serums the intensity of hair colour can be preserved for a longer period of time.


Consider your hair type, texture, and hair concerns while selecting the ideal hair serum for you. The serums preserve and coat your hair strands to improve the structure and lustre of your hair. They consist of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for your hair. Kosmoderma Hair Gen Serum is an active formula that contains peptides and caffeine as the active ingredients. They not only make your hair shiny but also reduce dryness and split ends. They promote the growth of hair and improve the blood flow to the scalp. This serum also contains green tea extract, olive oil and sugar cane extract that adds moisture content to your hair. It helps in deep conditioning that softens your hair.

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