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Holi is among the favourite festivals in India and is celebrated by both children, adults. It marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter. Holi calls for a wide range of celebrations, including playing with vibrant colors, water balloons, eating lots of sweets, enjoying music and dancing. However, there are a few things to think about before you start playing with colours. After effects of which might put your health at danger and cause discomfort to your hair, eyes and skin.
In this blog, we will give you a complete guide on how these colors impact our hair. What damages are caused to hair during Holi. how we can take care of our hair and what products are used for the same.

Importance of Hair Care During Holi

Artificial colors contain a lot of hazardous chemicals that are extremely harsh and damaging for your hair. They make your hair rough and dull. Furthermore, the colors also cause irritation on your scalp and result in flakiness, dryness. A day before playing Holi, you can oil your hair as this will create a layer between the colors and your hair. This will cover the cuticles so that colors won’t penetrate inside your scalp. Also, with the right hair care tips, you may safeguard your hair without compromising enjoyment. We will discuss this in upcoming sections.

Understanding the Damage Caused to Hair During Holi

hair damage during Holi
Holi is played outdoors, therefore, the combinations of heat, dust, colors and water may cause adverse effects on your scalp. This can lower the moisture levels in your scalp and can cause roughness to the hair. Holi colors contain hazardous ingredients like acids, alkalis and glass fragments that are harmful to human health. These colors cause serious effects to vital organs of the body too. Holi is generally played by both wet and dry colors. These can be in the form of paints, powder or pastes. Therefore, you can use organic and herbal colors that may cause less harm than other colors.

Effects of Holi colors on hair

During Holi, when hair is exposed to water, it makes the hair shrink. This makes cuticles more susceptible to colour and heat damage. The harmful effects of playing Holi without protecting your hair, includes split ends, frizz, harsh and brittle hair with dry scalp. It is recommended to use a mild and moisturising shampoo that will keep the natural oils in your scalp intact.

Impact of exposure to sun and heat

Holi is generally played outside where your hair is most exposed to heat and sun rays. This prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays may damage the outside cover of the hair cuticles. This may also cause frizziness and thinning of the hair. The combination of colors, heat, sun rays and water will also affect the texture of your hair and may also cause discoloration.

Drying effect of water

The water mixed with colors leads to the formation of hard water. This can make your hair extra dry and susceptible to breakage. Dry hair tends to absorb more color and water. Therefore, oiling and conditioning your hair one night before Holi will safeguard it. You can also use leave-in serum that will add a natural protection to your hair.

Holi Hair Care Tips

holi hair care tips
Holi colors are loaded with chemicals that are harsh and damaging for your hair. But with the right Holi hair care tips, you can protect your cuticles. Here are some precautionary measures you can take before playing Holi:
  • A night before Holi, you may oil your hair with coconut oil or any other oil that you use. Massage it gently. This forms a protective shield on the hair strands and will restrict the colors from penetrating your scalp.
  • It is recommended that a day before Holi, avoid shampooing your hair. This will allow the scalp’s natural oils to act as a barrier against colors.
  • The individuals having dry scalp can rub lemon on it. This will protect your scalp as well as hair from damage.
Apart from these above mentioned precautions, you can follow these hair care tips before playing Holi:

Covering hair with a scarf or cap

Tie your hair up in a ponytail or a bun before going outside to play Holi. Cover your hair with a scarf or a cap to minimise its contact with colors. Avoid letting your hair down because doing so will expose more of your hair to the colours and cause it to tangle up, which will inevitably cause additional damage and hair loss.

Use Natural and Skin-Friendly Dyes

The individuals who are fond of coloring their hair on a regular basis, they should always use natural dyes. Using skin-friendly and natural dyes will keep your hair silky and shiny after the festival is over. There are many eco-friendly brands that have vibrant shades for both men and women.

Using natural hair care products

After playing Holi, washing your hair with strong chemically-formulated shampoos will solidify the colors on the scalp. Instead, use natural and mild hair care products that have ingredients like aloe vera, lemon, shea butter or tea tree. They will form a gentle lather on the scalp and thus will take off the Holi colors in an easy way.
Your hair needs extra hydration after Holi. Thus, only washing with shampoo is not sufficient. Deep conditioning is also necessary to replenish the natural oils from the scalp. Use a conditioner with natural ingredients like olive oil, vitamin E and antioxidants. Let your hair absorb the goodness of these substances for 3-5 minutes.

Rinsing hair with cold water

Remove the color from your scalp and hair using cold water. Use a mild shampoo for 2-3 times until all the color is removed and a thick lather is formed. Holi colors can leave your hair dry and frizzy, thus to replenish it, use a conditioner. Do not use warm water as this will not help to remove the color from the scalp and will wash off the natural oils too.

Holi Hair Care Products

While playing with colors, you need to follow a proper hair-care regime. Here is the list of dermatologist recommended hair care products with its ingredients and benefits:

Kosmoderma HairGen Shampoo

A unique formulation of ingredients in the shampoo that overall cleanses your scalp after playing Holi. Kosmoderma HairGen Shampoo counteracts the hair loss and lessens the hair damage. It is a dermatologically formulated shampoo that is crucial in providing thicker and longer hair. This caffeine-rich and anagain hair fall control shampoo stimulates the scalp and sends molecules in the dermal papilla region of the scalp to reactivate hair growth.
Kosoderma Next Gen Hair Shampoo
Anagain is the active ingredient in this shampoo that reactivate hair growth and gives you shiny and healthy hair. Caffeine in the shampoo reduces split ends and makes hair shiny and lustrous. The presence of niacinamide ensures in removing dryness and dullness of hair after playing with colors. It has blood circulation boosting properties that improves the volume of hair. There are natural ingredients in shampoo like lemon extract that reduce itchiness caused due to colors. The shampoo leaves a pleasant fragrance and has a thicker viscosity.

Kosmoderma Hair Gen Serum

A unique leave- in hair serum that is used before playing Holi. You can apply the serum one night before Holi so that it provides extra protection from colors. This regrowth serum comes with an active formula that prevents breakage and thinning of hair. It also stimulates the hair growth and protects it from environmental stressors. Caffeine and peptides are the active ingredients that protect the hair from heat and chemical damage. It also increases the blood flow through the scalp and nourishes it to make hair healthy.
Kosmoderma Moisture Boost Cream
The natural ingredients like olive oil and green tea extract in the serum softens and moisturises your hair. You can use this serum after playing Holi too, as it provides deep conditioning to your hair and will remove dryness from it.


Protecting your hair during Holi festivities requires you to follow a proper hair care regime. The hair care tips mentioned in the blog will help your hair look fresh and shiny the whole day long. Furthermore, it is recommended to use natural, organic colors rather than using colors containing chemicals. This is because the latter ones give side effects to your hair, skin and body. By using proper hair care products and applying a leave-in serum, you are all set to play Holi.

Summary of key points

  • Artificial colors in Holi may make your hair rough and dull. These may also cause itching to the scalp. Therefore, a night before Holi, apply oil to the scalp for protection against the colors.
  • To prevent colors from touching your hair and scalp, tie your hair and put a scarf or cap on your head.
  • Use natural hair care products that remove colors easily after washing. Also, deep conditioning is necessary to replenish natural oils in the scalp.

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