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Polycystic ovary syndrome, abbreviated PCOS, is a rising concern among Indian womanhood. One out of five women struggles with PCOS in the world.
What is PCOS? It's a hormonal imbalance seen in women of reproductive age. The condition affects the function of women's ovaries, resulting in irregular periods and difficulty getting pregnant. Five out of ten women affected with PCOS do not have symptoms. It makes early detection challenging. Don't let its subtle signs slip by the wayside.
Symptoms of PCOS
Irregular menstrual cycles
There are cases reported where the affected went without periods for more than a year!
Difficulties in getting pregnant The condition fiddles with the growth and release of eggs from ovaries - It's as simple as if you don't ovulate, you won't get pregnant.
Facial or body hair growth Unwanted body or facial hair growth is a side effect of PCOS. A disrupted menstrual cycle triggers over-production of androgen, a male hormone that causes excessive hair growth.
Fighting PCOs with a balanced diet Shalini Santhanakrishnan, the Kosmoderma nutritionist, says maintaining hormonal imbalance is the key, and there are plenty of remedies mentioned in Ayurvedic texts for PCOS - our medicinal roots. Here are some foods that help maintain hormone balance in the body:
Moonlight Charged Water - Drinking water exposed to moonlight overnight is the moonlight-charged water. Always use a glass container for tapping the moon's energy.
Pure desi ghee - The therapeutic properties of ghee is beyond dispute. The challenge is finding unadulterated desi cow ghee in the market. Have 2 to 3 tbsp of ghee on an empty stomach - this simple step in your morning routine does a lot towards balancing your hormones. !
Unripe papaya - Rich in taste and health benefits, you can hang on to this phenomenal fruit for fighting PCOS. Have unripe papaya after lunch or dinner. Avoid consumption during menstruation.
Ginger water with jaggery -Studies suggest ginger extract can improve sex hormone changes related to PCOS. Have daily after your lunch.
Lemon juice with honey - Helping in maintaining the hormone balance is just one of among plethora of benefits lemon holds. Have a glass of lemon juice to which 1 tbsp of honey is added every day in the morning.
Skimmed milk with turmeric and black pepper - Take a glass of skimmed milk and boil it. Add a pinch of turmeric and black pepper. Have it before bedtime every day.
The Kosmoderma nutritionist also encourages the daily practice of Yoga like Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation to boost blood circulation in the pelvic region to mitigate PCOS. The above information is general. We do recommend consulting a doctor.

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