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Everyone wants to have flawless skin, thereby following different skin care regimes. We buy skincare products in the quest to achieve a clear and youthful skin. But what hurts is, even after using expensive serums, moisturisers and lotions, we end up ruining our skin.
In this blog we will discuss what common mistakes people make that may damage their skin? Also, what products can be the solution to it?

Importance of a good skin care routine

Skin is the largest organ of the human body, yet many individuals forget to take care of it. Having healthy skin will not only make you look your best but also make you appear younger. Our skin gets constantly exposed to the sun and other environmental stressors. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a healthy skin care regimen. Some of the other benefits of a good skincare routine are:
  • It slows down the process of ageing and reduces visible signs of ageing
  • It helps in boosting self confidence
  • It keep your skin firm and healthy
  • It improves your overall lifestyle

Common mistakes that people make that can damage their skin

Individuals may not realise how their regular skincare routine might actually harm their skin. Below are some of the common mistakes people make that leads to skin damage:

Over exfoliating your skin

Exfoliation is a process to remove dead skin cells from the skin to make it look smoother and brighter. However, individuals over-exfoliate in order to achieve clear skin. Thus, the moisture barrier of your skin gets stripped away, leading to inflammation, irritation and redness. As you get old, this will turn into wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, it is advised to exfoliate once or twice a week.
You may use Kosmoderma Daily Gentle Cleanser for cleansing and exfoliating your skin. Cocoyl taurate is the active ingredient that makes it look smoother and softer without drying. Natural ingredients oats and shea butter aids in improving the complexion and boosts collagen production.
Kosmoderma Daily Gentle Skin Cleanser for all Skin Types

Not applying sunscreen daily

Individuals apply sunscreen only in summer months. But the fact is UV rays from the sun are intense all year. A sunscreen will protect you from these rays and will prevent tanning, premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. In addition, the sun speeds up the ageing process by forming wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. It is advised to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen of a SPF 30 or more every single day.
You may use Kosmoderma Photo Protect Sunscreen with SPF 40 as it is suitable for all skin types and is non greasy, non-oily and lightweight in nature. Propylene glycol and ascorbic acid are the active ingredients in the sunscreen that prevents water loss and protects the skin from photo damage.
Kosmoderma PhotoProtect Spf 40 Sunscreen

Not moisturising your skin enough

Every skin type needs moisturiser to treat their dehydrated and dull skin. Not moisturising your skin well will make it feel tight and dry. Therefore, use a moisturiser both at day as well as at night. It will help in boosting the hydration of your skin and will create a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day long. It also aids in helping other treatment products to work better.
If you have dry skin you may use Kosmoderma Ultra Moisture Blast that can be applied anywhere on the body. This cream contains lactic acid that not only reduces dryness but also helps in lightening the skin.
You may also use Kosmoderma Moisture Boost Cream that soothes the skin by preventing water loss. The presence of hyaluronic acid and ceramides refreshes and renews the skin cells. It is a very light moisturiser that makes skin soft and smooth.
Kosmoderma Moisture Boost Cream

Not drinking enough water

Apart from using skincare products in the routine, it is also necessary to drink an adequate amount of water to keep your skin hydrated naturally. Otherwise, your skin may feel tight, flaky and dry that leads to wrinkling. You should consume 7-8 glasses of water every day that will do wonders to your skin.

Not applying right amount of skincare products

Sometimes we overuse our skincare products. Each product should be applied in a standard size. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how much product you need to use based on your skin concern and the product.
For example: serums and lotions should be used in a pea-sized amount, exfoliants and day creams should be used more than pea-sized amounts, cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser should be used in adequate amounts.


Individuals don't make skincare mistakes purposely, rather they should go a step ahead and work on avoiding all of them. Using the right products at the appropriate time will lead to a healthy and glowing skin.


What should I avoid in my skin care routine?

It is suggested not to apply skincare products vaguely. Instead, use it according to your skin type and concern. Also, avoid applying products in the wrong order.

What is poor skin care?

Poor skin care is when you are not applying products as per your skin type and that may lead to rashes, itchiness, scales and flakes. Also, poor skin care is when some people don’t apply anything at all on their skin, the results may lead to sagging skin.

What are signs of unhealthy skin?

Unhealthy skin includes: dry and itchy skin, uneven skin tone, red patches, hyperpigmentation, cracked lips, wrinkles and fine lines on face.

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