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Travelling is an incredibly beautiful experience. Some individuals travel for adventure, others are fascinated by popular destinations and exotic cultures. Some go on business trips, yet others just want to take a break from their daily schedule. However, during travel people tend to neglect their skin and hair.
In this blog we will discuss the skin and hair care preparations one needs to make before travel. Also, how can you take care of your skin and hair while travelling via train or plane? What are the essential tips when you travel in summers?

Importance of Skin and Hair Care During Summer Travels

During summers, people travel to mountains or beaches to escape the scorching heat. However, it is important to understand that during travelling our skin and hair goes through a lot. They are exposed to changeable weather, new location, dirt and pollution. Also, people generally spend more time outside during vacations, losing the shine of your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your skin and hair while travelling. We will discuss tips for the same further in the blog.

Pre-travel preparations

Before going on a vacation, there are some pre-travel preparations one needs to make so that your skin and hair doesn't get harmed. Some of these are:

Research about the weather of your destination

Different geographical locations have different air quality, sun exposure and humidity. For example: if you travel to mountains, you are likely to experience cold and dry air. If you go to any humid city, you will experience a lot of sweat and dehydration. These all conditions can congest your skin, causing breakouts, dryness and flakiness. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the weather conditions of that area, so that you can pack appropriate haircare and skincare essentials with you.

Pack essential products

It is important to stick to your skincare and haircare routine while travelling too. Carry your essential products like moisturiser, toner, cleanser, shampoo, conditioner and serum. Whether you go to a hill station or to any humid area, sunscreen is the most vital product to be carried.
Apart from this, carry wet and dry wipes wherever you go. Wipe off the oil, dirt and sweat building up in your skin. This will make your skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Carry hats or scarves

Your hair needs protection from any weather condition. Covering your hair with hats or scarves will protect them from dry air and humidity. Thus, preserving the lustre of hair cuticles.

Always carry a water bottle

Many people often neglect to drink water when they are on vacation. The lack of water may cause dehydration. This makes your skin and hair look tired and dull. Additionally, if you are doing some outdoor activities like trekking or swimming, the need for water increases more. Therefore, carry a water bottle all the time during travel.

In-flight Care

In flight skincare routine should be focused on reducing the stress caused due to high altitudes and drier air. The moisture levels and humidity are low in the air, which is why the skin may start to feel dry. Therefore, it is recommended to apply moisturiser to your skin when travelling in air. You may use serums and moisturisers rich in hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate. This is because these active ingredients will draw water from the air and seal it into your skin.
In flight haircare routine should involve the usage of a hair mask. This is because the air is dry and hair will lose moisture. Thus, becoming frizzy and dull. Apart from this, put your hair in a loose ponytail or braid as you can sleep comfortably in the flight. It is recommended to use a silk or satin pillowcase that would avoid friction and frizz in the aeroplane.

Care to Be Taken While Travelling by Train

Before sitting in the train, moisturise your hands, feet and face with an intense moisturising lotion. This will keep your skin hydrated all day long. During train journeys, it is recommended to apply light makeup. This is because pollution and dirt particles will stick to your makeup and may cause breakouts. Always keep a pack of anti-bacterial face wipes with you and use it on a regular interval to cleanse your face.
While going on a train journey, tie back your hair in a bun as the loose hair will catch dirt faster, making it dry and frizzy. It is also recommended to not oil your hair while travelling by train as the dust particles may stick with your hair and cause dandruff.

Travel Skin & Hair Care Tips

Here are a few helpful tips one may follow to keep your hair fresh and skin healthy while travelling:

Keep a moisturiser

During the trip, moisturiser will help your skin to stay hydrated. Strong winds or direct sunlight can dry out the skin and seriously harm its texture. No matter the weather, reapply moisturiser as needed when travelling to maintain your skin soft and supple.

Use sunscreen

Regardless of the weather, use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV radiations of the sun. This will also keep your skin tan- free and will reduce the visible signs of ageing. Reapply every 2-3 hours to preserve the skin from sun damage.
You can use Kosmoderma Photo Protect Sunscreen Gel that has a SPF of 40. It provides protection from the UV rays of sun and is broad spectrum in nature. It is ideal for all the skin types and is easy to use.
Kosmoderma PhotoProtect Spf 40 Sunscreen

Cleanser is must

While travelling, your skin brings in a lot of dust and dirt, which builds up on your skin and causes breakouts. Therefore, a cleanser will remove the pollutants from the skin and make it feel rejuvenated.
You can use Kosmoderma Daily Gentle Cleanser that thoroughly hydrates, cleans and protects your skin. It is non irritating in nature and can be used to provide an oil- free glow to your skin.
Kosmoderma Daily Gentle Skin Cleanser for all Skin Types

Use hair serum

During travel, it is recommended to tie up your hair in a ponytail or braid. Loose hair will lead to more frizz, dryness and dullness. You may apply serum to avoid frizziness and make your hair shiny.
You can use Kosmoderma HairGen Serum that removes frizziness from your hair and makes it shiny and glossy. It also improves the texture of your hair and protects hair from environmental damage.


Travelling is a way of enjoying life to the fullest. However, don’t neglect your skin and hair as they are exposed to unusual weather conditions throughout the trip. It is advised to follow skincare and haircare tips and carry appropriate products during travelling.

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