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How does winter affect the skin?

Skin is the largest organ of our body. Dead skin cells and lipids make up the skin barrier. It serves as an additional line of defence to prevent harmful substances from entering the body. When this skin barrier is weakened, the skin appears dry or irritated. Harsh cold climate, chilled air and drop in humidity steals the moisture away from your skin making it dry, dull, itchy and parched. Even your skin reacts to artificial environments, such as centrally controlled heating.
There are five most common skin types: oily, normal, dry, sensitive and combination. Thus, every person needs to follow a different skincare routine based on their skin type. At times due to our hectic schedule, we forget about our daily skincare routine. Therefore, a complete skin care regimen is crucial for maintaining radiant skin every day. This winter season, keeping your skin smooth and comfortable will be easy by reevaluating our routines and altering our habits.

Tips to transition your skincare routine for winters

It's not just your attire that needs to be changed in the winter. but your skincare regime also needs too. The cleansers, gels, and moisturisers that were beneficial in the summer may not be in the winter. You gradually lose vital oils necessary to maintain a healthy skin barrier when exposed to dry and cold air. Here are some tips to transform your skincare routine for winters:

Double cleansing

During the winters, it is important to switch to a moisturising cleanser that helps in hydrating the dull and parched skin. Using cleanser two times a day will also help in washing away the dead skin cells without leaving skin dry. Cleansing also increases the flow of blood and the ingredients in the cleanser penetrate deep into your skin. Kosmoderma Gentle Skin Cleanser can be used on any skin type. It cleanses your skin thoroughly and hydrates it making it soft and firm.


Your skin looks bright and radiant after using an exfoliator. This removes the dead skin cells that are gathered from the dry winter air. While eliminating this can improve one’s appearance. It is recommended not to exfoliate daily as it can dry out your skin. You can do this process twice a week.

Use sunscreen

Even in cold weather we need to use sunscreen. While UV rays are less intense in the winter, they can still be dangerous and cause ageing. The best option is to choose a formulation that you can easily incorporate into your everyday skincare routine. So, always wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Kosmoderma Photo Protect SPF 40 provides protection from the sun. It is non-stick and non- oily formulated for any skin type. Additionally, it is easy to apply and lightweight that prevents water loss.
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Hydrating serum

Serums are considered as the best treatment for your skin as they treat most of your skin concerns. During the winters, exposure to the frigid and severe winds can result in dry skin. Therefore, using a hyaluronic acid serum in winters is a good choice as it will moisturise your skin from within.

Apply a mask

In wintertime humidity levels and low temperatures can occasionally result in a variety of skin issues. Use a mask that contains clay and seaweed extract that pull out impurities, and relax your skin. Applying a mask at night is recommended if you sleep with the heat ventilation system since it helps to seal in moisture on dry skin.

Use body butter for skin care

It is always recommended to indulge a thick body butter with essential winter skin nutrients like hydrating cocoa and shea oils. This will keep your skin's barrier moisturised throughout the colder months. Kosmoderma Gentle Skin Cleanser contains shea butter, oats and cocoyl taurate that hydrates and cleanses your skin. It keeps your skin smooth and soft without drying.
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Maintain a well-balanced diet

Always remember to combine your skincare routine for winter with a wholesome, seasonally appropriate diet. Eat a lot of beta-carotene-rich vegetables, such as butternut and pumpkin. This encourages collagen formation, controls skin function, and aids in cell renewal.

Take care of lips

Skin on the rest of your face is more exposed to the harmful effects of chilly winter weather. Wearing lip balm at night is essential since indoor heat can make dryness worse. Along with applying moisturiser on your body, apply lip balm on your lips to avoid chapping and flaking.

Vitamin C in winters

Use vitamin C to improve your skincare routine. It improves skin pigmentation, which promotes collagen production and results in a more even skin tone. Vitamin C is helpful in the winter so try to include cosmetic items with it. Kosmoderma Vitamin C serum is an ideal approach and can be added in your daily skincare regime. It contains ascorbic acid and ferulic acid that boosts the collagen production in the skin.
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It is vital to change your skincare routine because climate changes directly affect your skin health. Prolonged exposure to cold weather will make your skin become drier and flaky than usual. But you can effectively resist winter by adhering to a healthy skin care routine and using products that are suitable for your skin.

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