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Beach-care Tips for Skin & Hair

Summer is a season for travel and vacations. One of the best things about summer is the chance to enjoy long days at the beach. However, spending too much time in the sun can have a wide range of adverse effects on your skin and hair.
In this blog, we will discuss what factors affect your hair and skin during beach vacation? How can you take care of it before and after going on vacation? And, what are the essential products you may pack for a holiday at the beach?

Factors affecting skin and hair during a beach vacation

While enjoying the sea waves and sunlight on beaches, your skin and hair gets affected the most. Also, UV rays, saltwater, and wind may damage the natural barrier of your skin and hair, making them dry. Sunlight's UVA wavelengths cause skin damage by breaking down essential proteins and fibres like collagen and elastin. Moreover, it may weaken your immune system, making it harder for your body to heal the damage.
However, it doesn't mean you have to skip the beach vacations. Dermatologists recommended some advice on how to prepare your skin and hair before, during and after a beach day. We will discuss it in upcoming sections. .

Pre-beach care

The foremost thing in pre-beach care is to hydrate your skin using serums or moisturisers containing hyaluronic acid. This is because the hot waves may steal the hydration from your skin. Using hydrating ingredients will help draw water to the skin’s surface and replenish the moisture barrier of it. Also, use retinol products before your beach outing. This will prevent the skin from forming wrinkles, fine lines and age spots due to sun rays.
Before going on a beach vacation, seal your hair tresses by applying a hydrating hair mask. This will provide protection from UV rays of the sun. Also, you may apply oil before going out as it will create a barrier between your hair and sea water. Comb your hair nicely before going out and apply a leave- in serum to protect your hair from frizz and tangles.

Tips to take care of your hair and skin at the beach

Your hair might suffer damage from the sun and sea water, becoming dry, frizzy, and oily. Do not forget to protect your skin and hair during beach vacations with the following tips:

Skin care tips for the beach

The first thing is to apply sunscreen. It will act as an outer protective layer over your skin against sun rays. Apply it all over the body especially on hands, feet, neck, and face. Try to use sunscreen with SPF more than 30. In addition, reapply it after every hour so as to prevent your skin from tanning and hyperpigmentation.
Another important tip is to cleanse your face two times when you are on a holiday. Use a cleansing agent that is non-irritant in nature and is soap-free. Cleansing is important to remove the dead skin cells from your skin and provide an oil-free glow.
On a beach your skin is exposed to dirt and sea water. Thus, dead skin cells get easily formed on your body. You may scrub and exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face, knees and elbows. After exfoliation, use a nourishing lotion to wipe away remaining dead skin cells with a towel and let it dry.

Hair care tips for the beach

To protect your hair from sun damage on a beach, wear a hat or scarf. Try not to keep your hair open, as it will get tangled easily. Therefore, make a bun or plait your hair. Also, condition your hair after shampoo to smoothen the rough ends. After using conditioner, apply a hair serum that will make your hair frizz free and will give it a shiny appearance.

Post-beach care

After spending your vacations on a beach, your goal is to replenish the moisture lost while you were enjoying it. Start your skin routine with a cleanser, that will remove the dead skin cells and hydrate your skin thoroughly. Also, use products containing hyaluronic acid and antioxidants like vitamin C that help in reversing the UV damage. In addition, use sunscreen regularly so that if your skin becomes tanned, you may reverse the process of photo damage.

Essential products to pack for a beach vacation

Here are some essential products that you may pack for a beach vacation:


Kosmoderma Photo Protect Sunscreen Gel with a SPF 40 that is suitable for all skin types. It is non- oil, non- greasy and lightweight in nature that protects skin from premature ageing signs like wrinkles and melanin deposits caused by sun exposure. You may apply this sunscreen before going out to the beach and during the vacation too.


Kosmoderma C- Brite Vitamin C Serum is made from a combination of ascorbic acid and ferulic acid. It protects the skin from damaging free radicals caused by UV radiation exposure. Sodium hyaluronate hydrates the skin and evens out skin texture. You may use this serum before and after going on vacation.

Facial gel

During beach vacations, your skin generally gets dry and rough. Therefore, Kosmoderma Hydra Boost Gel can be applied as it contains hyaluronic acid that fights dryness and rejuvenates skin moisture levels.

Hair serum

Kosmoderma HairGen Serum tames frizz by making your dull hair shiny. It also detangles the hair knots and makes it easier to comb. The serum improves the texture of your hair, making it more defined and enhanced.


Going on a vacation is always fun until you start facing hair and skin issues that stop you from enjoying it. Follow the above mentioned tips during the beach holiday and you are all set to enjoy your vacations. Also, use appropriate skin products that help you in making your skin refresh and smooth.

Final tips for getting beach-ready

  • Always use a sunscreen
  • Use a moisturiser or lotion to keep your skin hydrated
  • Use a hair serum to control frizz


How can I make my skin glow at the beach?

You can make your skin glow at the beach by cleansing and exfoliating your skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells. Also, you may use vitamin C serum to provide a smooth and glowing look.

How to find out the best SPF for the beach?

At the beach, the intensity of sun rays are more. Therefore, it is ideal to apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more ro keep your skin tan free.

What makeup should I wear on a beach vacation?

Try to wear light and waterproof makeup on a beach vacation. Also, try to use neutral eye or lip shades in the vacation.

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